FINISHING times at a local school should be staggered amid fears for students safety, councillors claim.

Locals say Holy Trinity ALC - on Carlton Road - should alter its leaving times as all 1,100 pupils exit at the same time, causing chaos.

Councillors Jenny Platts, David Leech and Sarah-Jane Tattersall said a staggered finishing time would alleviate parking problems.

"To call the situation 'chaos' at the moment is the right word to use," said the councillors in a joint statement.

"There will be some remedial work done by the council's highways department with the painting of yellow lines on the junction, and knee rail fencing on the green on the Carlton Road side, but this will not cure inconsiderate parking which is putting pupils and the public at risk."

The councillors said they had a site meeting on October 26 with officers from highways, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and the business manager from the school.

"We asked at this meeting whether there was a possibility that the primary children could have staggered time, even if it was only ten minutes' difference, because it may alleviate some of the parking problems."

Headteacher Simon Barber said consultation letters about staggering the finishing time for primary pupils were sent out to parents before half term and opinion from responses received so far are split 50/50.