THOUSANDS of Barnsley voters have responded to a council appeal to cut costs by registering their details online instead of by post.

Barnsley Council appealed for help in cutting costs when research revealed the cost of an e-registration is about 19p - compared to a postal registration which can cost about £2 when you add in the cost of return postage and staff time in opening the envelope and sifting through the details.

So far, 17,000 households have registered online. Coun Jim Andrews said: "It Is clear that Barnsley people have taken the message on board and are using the various e-options to make sure they do not lose their right to vote.

"These options are easy to use and they are also a lot cheaper to run. I am asking everyone who has not yet responded, and whose household details have not changed, to register by using one of the e-options. If they do, we can make sure they stay on the electoral register and the cost will be pennies not pounds. Given just how tight money is for everyone at the moment, including Barnsley Council, I think that would be a good thing all round."

If anyone doesn't get an electoral registration form, or has problems filling it in, they can contact the Elections helpline on (01226) 773070.