LITTLE Ebonie Webb has finished her radiotherapy treatment for a brain tumour.

The five-year-old, of Honeywell Place, Honeywell, underwent a ten hour operation in September to reduce the size of the tumour, followed by 30 doses of radiotherapy.

Family friend Shane Bristow said: "Ebonie's okay. She has mood swings every now and again and she didn't like her hair falling out because she was looking forward to tying it in bunches, and it was a shock when it fell out overnight."

Ebonie was diagnosed with the tumour at six-months-old and has been receiving treatment since.

Her parents, Michael and Leanne, are raising money to send her to America for further treatment.

They originally wanted Ebonie to undergo proton therapy, but this had to be abandoned after the tumour spread to Ebonie's spine.

About £90,000 has been raised so far and Leanne and Michael are now looking at other options in America, where trials are being conducted in Boston on brain tumours like Ebonie's.

Leanne is hoping the radiotherapy will stop the tumour growing long enough to allow them to explore any possibilities, but they won't know how the treatment has gone for up to six weeks.