CHRISTMAS lights in Darton that have accidentally been installed upside down will be put the right way, the council has confirmed.

We Are Barnsley was notified last week that some of the Christmas lights in Darton - which were partially funded by a group of locals on the Voice For Darton group - had accidentally been installed upside down.

A council spokesman said: “The WABers are indeed correct, the Christmas bauble (easily mistaken for a Christmas pudding) near the Post Office is looking a little topsy turvy.

"The relevant department has been notified and the motif will be turned the correct way up in time for the Darton Christmas late night shopping evening on Thursday, 6 December.

"We hope to see many WAB fans supporting this local family friendly event which has been organised by the Voice For Darton Group.

"It’s also worth noting that Darton’s shooting stars traditionally point upwards, reaching for the sky. We hope they will be a source of enjoyment and inspiration for the local community through the cold winter nights as they have been in previous years.”