A JOBS boost could be coming to Cortonwood if plans for a £25 million extension to the retail park are approved.

Storage company Budenny LLP has submitted plans to Rotherham Council to redevelop a large warehouse on the site into six retail stores under the proposals that would create 250 jobs.

The stores will take up 96,000 sq ft and expand the retail park by 30 per cent, while adding 310 parking spaces.

The proposed development has been devised in partnership with Helical Retail - which believes the extension will make Cortonwood more competitive against rival shopping centres like Meadowhall in Sheffield and Parkgate, Rotherham.

Rotherham and Brampton parish Coun Denise Lelliot said: "Jobs are few and far between at the moment, particularly permanent ones so this can only be a benefit to the community."

The building is currently used as a warehouse for package delivery company United Parcel Services (UPS) but this contract expires in about a year.

Budenny director and former Alba chief executive Daniel Harris said running a warehouse on the site was no longer financially viable.

He said: "The economics of running a specialist, high-bay warehouse operation at Cortonwood no longer stack up. This is reflected in the operation now running only one shift and employing less than 30 people.

"When we opened the building ten years ago, we created 100 jobs and were running three shifts around the clock. But, working with Helical, we have found a partner with the right expertise to get a first class retail scheme developed."