POLICE were called to rowdy bonfire parties and had to stop a group of youths building their own in Wombwell.

On Friday (November 2) officers tweeted every incident of antisocial behaviour that they were called to between noon and 2am.

They included being called out to Birdwell where a 4x4 was blocking someone into a church car park; a nuisance neighbour call from Hoyland and lager seized from people drinking in a restricted area of Goldthorpe.

Meanwhile, rowdy, inconsiderate behaviour was reported after bonfire party at pub in Barnsley - and officers helped fire crews after a report that large group of youths in Wombwell had built a large bonfire.

Police were also sent out to Goldthorpe where a group of youths were setting fire to t-shirts at bus stop and answered a complaint in Athersley after a bonfire party was said to be too loud. 

Chief Inspector Colin McFarlane said: “We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour all year round but I hope that this has highlighted the variety of issues we deal with and the amount of good work our officers do tackling issues that matter to communities."

On Friday, 90 people were arrested for causing damage; three for shoplifting, five for controlled drugs and one for wounding.

One person was arrested for breaching the peace and one for being drunk and disorderly. Of the firework shops tested, four failed and sold fireworks to people underage - the other 23 passed.