FIRE CREWS across Barnsley have issued a warning to local people after they were called to two chip pan fires in the space of an hour.

The first incident was reported at 5pm on Tuesday in Thurnscoe on Walbert Avenue. The resident escaped after putting the fire out with a damp tea towel.

An hour later, a Wombwell man left his chip pan unattended to go to the toilet and returned to find it on fire.

He carried it out to the landing of the flats in Aldham House Lane, burning his hand and foot.

A neighbour put the chip pan out before the arrival of fire crews. 

SYFR spokesman Diane Malpass said: “People might think we preach to them about chip pans but these incidents show they are a very real danger.

"Throwing away chip pans will help to prevent one of the main causes of serious house fires and injuries. We would recommend that people either use oven chips, or buy a deep fat fryer that can be controlled by a thermostat.”