HOVERCRAFT and buggy driving has been banned in a wood near Tankersley after the company operating it was stopped by Barnsley Council.

Outdoor entertainment firm Demon Wheelers has been issued with an enforcement order from the council stopping them using woodland near the McDonald's roundabout.

Coun Roy Miller said the council became aware the firm had been using the land since January for activities involving motorised vehicles.

He said under law, land for motor racing is restricted to 14 days a year unless planning permission is applied for.

He said Demon Wheelers had exceeded the 14 days and that the 14-day use rights start again from January next year.

The firm's Gill Angus said they would not be using the site until planning permission was granted.She said they had 'stepped back' when they realised they had exceeded the 14 day period and they had been renting the land from the land owner.

She said they did not know planning permission was not in place and had been taking private bookings at the site for around 18 months.

They have now had to appease customers who had booked.