New litter bins have been installed in the town centre and the old bins will be repaired and relocated to areas where bins are not currently provided. Barnsley Council issued a statement today saying many of the bins had corroded over time having been in service for over 20 years, and are now past repair, no longer containing the rubbish effectively. It said: "The decision to replace and provide more bins in the town centre follows a recent council inspection. In order to reduce the amount of litter and the associated costs to clean it up, Barnsley Council has initially invested £5,000 in new bins. A number of areas have been highlighted by businesses and local people as having little or no litter bins ion the area - these will now have either refurbished or new bins provided. "The funding has come from the Backing Barnsley budget, which provides money for maintaining the town centre, making it more attractive to visitors and residents alike. "The new bins are silver, which fits in with plans for future public realm development in the area ensuring they are cost effective over the next 20 years."