PARENTS have been assured that problems around the cashless system at lunch times have been resolved at Netherwood school.

The new school, which opened on the site of the former Darfield Main colliey, has implemented a 'cashless' system for pupils which means they can pay for their lunches using their fingerprints to access a prepaid account.

But problems early on meant some pupils were not getting their lunches until the end of the 40 minute break.

Principal Toby Eastaugh, who oversaw a similar system in his previous school Spen Valley Sports College, said all schools have similar problems for the first few days and Netherwood had been brought back to normal service.

He said: "After implementing a cashless system, it takes time for children to get used to it and small delays in seeing what's available, knowing which servery to go to and getting the hang of the fingerprint system really add up.

"But we've made a few changes which means things have moved through a lot quicker and I think four days to sort that out is pretty impressive."

Parents have also reported up to 30 children being unable to fit on the Brightbus 449 service to Elsecar from the school.

Managing director Mick Strafford said the company had sent its largest 129-capacity bus for the school.

The excess pupils did not warrant another bus but he added, if possible, he was willing to divert a bus from another route. He said some pupils were using the bus to travel one stop to Darfield, which had not been expected.