THE Police helicopter which serves South Yorkshire - including Barnsley - is to have a new base from 2013. The move comes after the Police instead announced a single national police helicopter service where 20 bases across the UK will serve instead of regional ones. South Yorkshire Police will not have its own helicopter under the plans - but will be covered by a 24-hour service flying out of West Yorkshire, Humberside and Derbyshire which has a response time of 20 minutes. A spokesman for the police said "With SYP retaining a forward operating base in Sheffield, the intention is that a helicopter deployed to support SYP would land, refuel and await further deployment from Sheffield. "The principle behind the new service is `borderless tasking' - the helicopters will not belong to any individual force and the 20 bases will serve all forces according to priority." The move will save South Yorkshire Police around £668,000 per year out of its budgets.