We've had a lot of feedback on our Facebook wall recently, from WABers who are struggling to view our Facebook wall on their mobile phones.

Facebook reverted back to a native app which is a little bit glitchy.

We've noticed ourselves it is sometimes very slow to load and there's been a week-long problem with 'disappearing' comments which just vanish into the ether.

So we've done a little guide with a few suggestions that may help you.

Firstly, if you are using the Facebook app on your mobile phone make sure it is the latest version and always keep it updated.

Most times, the WAB wall will be displaying and will be showing posts by us only. Posts by other people are still in there, but you have to look for the little white box (usually under our most recent post) which says POSTS BY OTHERS.

However, many of your preferred the old chronological settings to Timeline. And I have good news. There's a free Facebook app that works pretty well.

I've tested it over the last day and it displays ALL posts by default, in date order, and seems to be strong for uploading photos and commenting reliably.

It's a free app called FACELY and you will find it here in the App store.

You install it as you do a normal app and then you can do funky stuff like customise your colours and fonts. Once that's done, you won't have to do it again.

Best news is, when you view walls like ours you will see ALL the activity on the wall at once, without having to faff about clicking buttons to find it.

We will keep investigating other apps and will keep you updated on our progress.

Don't forget though, you can always go straight on to the WAB website for all the latest news. Our homepage is a good place to start: you can find it at wearebarnsley.com.

Hope this helps!