A TOWN centre business owner wants to track down the two schoolgirls who helped chase a suspected thief through the town centre.

The teenagers were passing Pollyanna on Market Hill when a woman left the store with two allegedly stolen shirts - one Issey Miyake and one Pollyanna's own Nomad label - worth £600.

Vanessa Britton chased the woman and the two schoolgirls, who were in uniform, joined the pursuit.

Shop owner Rita Britton said: "I want to trace them and invite them and their parents to come and have lunch in the cafe.

"For them to stick their neck out like that was unbelievable."

The girls helped Vanessa keep tabs on the woman for about 45 minutes, said Rita. They followed her to the taxi rank where she tried to get in a cab but the drivers refused.

Police confirmed they were called at about 4.50pm on Tuesday, September 28.

A woman, 40, has been arrested and charged and is due in court today.