There's been a lot of debate lately on politics in Barnsley - and a lot of people wondering about the role of our MPs. It's sometimes hard to understand their role if you aren't into politics...and even if you are, some of the wierd political mannerisms are enough to send you to sleep.

But in Barnsley we have tech-savvy MPs - they tweet, they Live Chat, they do webinars. And, like it or not, they represent our town in Westminster.

MP Dan Jarvis may not have held his seat for long - but in his short time he's already managed to secure a House of Commons debate about the Economic Regeneration of Barnsley.

In it, Dan and Barnsley MP Michael Dugher tag-teamed the House of Commons to try to get them to commit to helping our town. If you've ever wondered what our MPs do for us in parliament, then you have to watch this video (here) - once you get passed all the really wierd politic speak it's actually really interesting. (You need to fastforward to 15:18:10 on the clock to get to our bit.) Key points made were: * 25 per cent of Barnsley's jobs are in the public sector - but, due to government cuts, the public sector jobs are shrinking * They said the House had "a duty to stop and think about the effect that welfare reforms had on places like Barnsley" * "Welfare needs to be reformed so that it does not kick the genuinely vulnerable in the teeth," MP Dan Jarvis. During the debate they fielded comments from other MPs about our 'proud town,' talked about ASOS at Grimethorpe and even touched on Thatcher's effect on our town.

And as for those aforementioned wierd policital things, I have one for you. Fillybustering. That's actually a word. It means when MPs use delaying tactics against each other. What other wierd little quirks do you know about the House?