A HISTORIC fire engine that's more than 200 years old returned to Barnsley today (Friday).

A guard of honour from South Yorkshire Fire Brigade is expected to welcome home the 221-year-old Joseph Bramah pump - one of Barnsley's most historic treasures.

Joseph Bramah, who was born in 1749 in Stainborough, was one of Britain's most important inventors and the father of hydraulic power.

The pump being brought back to Barnsley town hall is believed to be the only one made by him still in existence in this country.

His pump, the first continuous-pressure fire engine, proved very successful and was put into use across Europe.

All modern fire-fighting appliances owe their origins to Bramah.

It will be displayed in the new Experience Barnsley museum in the town hall which is due to open in May.

John Tanner, project manager for Experience Barnsley, said: ''The pump was actually hand-made for Wentworth Castle and is the precursor to almost all modern fire-fighting appliances.

''We think it is a fascinating story for us to tell - Bramah was a very inspiring person - and people will be able to see the pump in reception in just a few weeks' time.''