A GROUP of three mums from Barnsley have organised a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

The event - which will be at the Prospect Road Community Centre on September 28 at 9am - is part of the attempt for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning across the UK.

One of the mums, Gemma Bailey, said: "Basically this started with the idea of having a little gathering at my house for family and friends if anyone was interested.

"We have been affected by cancer in our family this year and although so far we haven't needed to call upon the services of the Macmillan nurses, we understand that the service they provide is amazing and worth a couple of pounds of anyones money."

So many people expressed an interest that her friends and sisters came forward to help her organise it.

So far scores of local businesses have pitched in to donate ingredients for baked goods and stuff to entertain the kids, like a balloon release and craft corner.

Gemma added: "We have had so many donations and offers of help it just goes to show that even though times are hard for individuals and companies - some struggling to make enough money to live - we live in the greatest community where it has been proven that people will dig deep, give time and money and most of all raise our community spirit, giving us all something to be extremely proud of."

If you'd like to support them contact gemmab1983@yahoo.co.uk or you can donate by texting CUPCAKE821D to 70550