HIGHWAYS bosses have said that no more speed humps will be installed in Barnsley - because people have threatened to sue the council amid claims they damaged cars.

Humps were installed across the borough over several years in a bid to slow down speeding motorists but many drivers claim they cause damage to their vehicles.

Some have tried to sue Barnsley Council for damages prompting the change in policy.

Coun Roy Miller said: "Because of all the trouble we are having with them, in that half the public want them and half the public don't, the council decided to stop them.

"The emergency services don't like them and a lot of people have been putting in claims against damage to their cars."

He said many of the claims came from youngsters who had lowered the suspension on their vehicles.

"We've always been able to defend against these because, if the vehicle is fit for MOT, it should be the right height," he added.

A Barnsley Council spokesman said two insurance claims had been dealt with in the last year.