A POLICE operation in Barnsley saw 10 people given on the spot fines for shoplifting on Friday.

The retail crime impact day saw undercover officers patrolling the town centre as well as uniformed officers searching properties for suspected stolen goods.

Some shops were even provided with cardboard cutouts of police officers - in previous areas they are believed to have reduced shoplifting by up to 75 per cent.

Chief Inspector Gwyn Thomas said: “The Force takes retail crime very seriously; it affects large and small businesses alike and can threaten the very existence of independent retailers.

"It affects us all by pushing up prices of everyday goods – the vast majority of law-abiding people who pay for the things they want do not see why others should get away with shoplifting"

In Barnsley there were ten arrests made and ten fixed penalty notices for shoplifting issued.

One fixed penalty notice was issued for possession of cannabis.