EIGHT people were killed and almost 800 people were injured in road accidents in Barnsley last year.

The statistics - revealed as part of an awareness drive by the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership - show that 781 people were injured in collisions with another eight dying from their injuries.

A spokesman said a high portion of those involved in collisions were in the 17-25 age group.

A spokesman said: "In recent months there have been a further spate of serious collisions across the county involving that 17-25 year age group and in almost all of those incidents they could have been avoided.

"Parents are being asked to remind their son and daughters about the importance of driving sensibly. This could mean the difference between them coming home or having a visit from the Police to hear the most dreadful news a parent could ever hear."

The partnership run a programme called Drive for Life which aims to reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers by delivering two hour safety sessions.