THIS tattered crumbling pavement in Grimethorpe is thought to be the worst in Barnsley by the residents who live there.

Samantha Louise Walton posted this picture on our Facebook page - appealing for help to get the council to resurface the crumbling pavement on Bedford Street.

The middle has collapsed and now the asphalt has started to move, pushing up against her wall and forcing it down.

She said: "I'd like to get it sorted before someone falls and hurts themselves on it, it's really unsafe, and it's becoming increasingly worse.

"You have to walk on the road to walk round it."

Samantha says the residents have been reporting the pavement for months - but nothing has yet been done to repair it.

We Are Barnsley contacted the council this morning to bring the pavement to their attention.

A spokesman said: "Barnsley Council engineers have made the area safe and will be on site tomorrow to begin work on repairs."

So what do you think - is this the worst pavement in Barnsley?

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