THE speed limits on three local roads are to be changed in the coming weeks as a new road traffic order is put in place.

Highways Officers won permission from the decision-making cabinet to approve plans to alter the limits for Dodworth Road, Barugh Green Road and Hunningley Lane.

It follows an independent study – carried out last year – which gathered speed data, personal injury data and environmental characteristics of every A and B road in Barnsley to determine whether or not they had the appropriate speed limit.

Now, a stretch of Dodworth Road, between Broadway and the M1, will have its speed reduced from 40 to 30 MPH – a decision that will affect 27,000 motorists who pass through each day.

Hunningley Lane will change from 30 to 40MPH and a stretch of Barugh Green Road between Claycliffe Avenue and Cannon Way (currently a national speed limit road used by 7,000 motorists daily) will be changed to 40 MPH.

Coun Roy Miller said: "While the journey times of some motorists may be affected, it is necessary to improve respect for the posted speed limits, to encourage self compliance and to help continue to reduce casualties and the number of speed related collisions."

Despite a lively debate on our Facebook page and on our website about this proposal - the council claim no objections were received either at the initial or formal consultation stage regarding the plans to increase the speed limit on the stretch of Hunningley Lane.

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