Mother Goose’ is a story with a strong moral – ‘Beauty and wealth cannot bring you happiness’.
The story tells of how Mother Goose is about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay the squire and his bailiffs the rent she owes, when along comes Priscilla the goose. Mother Goose loves her as a friend, but does not know that she has been sent by the Good Fairy to help. Priscilla lays golden eggs and makes Mother Goose rich beyond her wildest dreams. However, the Demon King has a bet with the Good Fairy. He claims that there is no-one on earth who is happy or content with what they have – they always want more. The Good Fairy disagrees and uses Mother Goose as an example of goodness.
The Demon King tempts Mother Goose with the one thing that she does not have – youth and beauty. He persuades her to give him Priscilla in exchange for a visit to The Pool of Beauty. She gives him Priscilla and enters the pool, emerging as (she thinks) a beautiful woman.
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