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What Would Make Your Neighbourhood Feel Safer?

Thursday November 1 2012

A CONSULTATION to find out how the public think their own neighbourhoods should be policed closes tomorrow.

South Yorkshire Police Authority says the responses will help them formulate their priorities for policing over the next few years.

Charles Perryman, chair of the Police Authority, said: “We want to know what Neighbourhood Policing means to the people of South Yorkshire. Responses need to be as imaginative and creative as possible.

“The information gained from the consultation will enable the Police and Crime Commissioner to hit the ground running and identify what are the priorities for the people of South Yorkshire in the year ahead.”

You can make suggestions through Twitter @sypoliceauth or email haveyoursay@syjs.gov.uk. Deadline is November 2.

It made us wonder though - what would make you feel safer in your neighbourhood? And what does neighbourhood policing mean to you?

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Reply Posted by sheila on Friday November 2 2012 at 09:04
It make's me feel safe knowing that when i ring the police they will be there i have an officer what emails me to see if everything is ok and he comes out to see me face to face than over the phone which make's it better.

Reply Posted by Liam on Sunday January 13 2013 at 17:53
Our neighbourhood in Royston is generally quiet, we've a had a couple of youth's hedge hopping but thats about it but at the other end of village on Midland Road theres a police car every 2 mins away and ive never once seen them stop somebody...

Reply Posted by rainbow on Sunday February 24 2013 at 23:11
More of those seven foot highcard-board cut out bobbies placed in strategic places would be cheap way to reduce crime.?? They seem more effective than some of those dwarf sized female bobbies we see parading around town. ??

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